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Polymerization to make Polystyrene

Introduction Polystyrene is a hard, brittle plastic. It’s used for many things like plastic containers and utensils. Polystyrene will be made using free-radical polymerization of the monomer, styrene. Benzoyl peroxide will be the radical initiator and the solvent is toluene.   Purpose Free-radical polymerization of Styrene to yield Polystyrene. Data: Toluene is a good solvent …

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Tanasia Kenney: Taking Advantage of Student Resources

Tanasia Kenney is a journalist, self-described reality TV junkie, Kennesaw State University Alumna, and an old friend of mine. During her time at KSU, she served as the Chief Copy Editor of The Sentinel and graduated with a B.S. in Journalism and Emerging Media. She hopes to one day be a broadcast journalist reporting. I …

Career Resources Interviews

Tanasia Kenney: Exploring a Career in Journalism

Acta Diurna is the earliest known journalistic media, according to the Britannica encyclopedia. Carved on tablets of stone or metal and hung in public spaces, it reported on daily events in Ancient Rome. Today, the concept of journalism hasn’t changed but the field has grown and evolved through technological advancements, especially with the invention of …

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Snowboarding and Skiing Near Atlanta on a Budget: Hitting the Slopes Near Atlanta

How to Snowboard and Ski Near Atlanta on a Budget I suck at snowboarding!!! But in search of living out my Johnny Tsunami fantasy and shreddin’ the gnar, I’m dedicated to learning the craft. If you’ve ever been snowboarding/skiing you probably know it’s not cheap and if you’ve never been before let me tell you …